31 05, 2019

Parenting a Child with Autism


Raising a child with autism can be overwhelming and as caregivers, it can sometimes feel as if no one understands what you and your family experience on a daily basis. Given my experience working with children diagnosed with Autism the following are tips for parents who may identify as feeling “overwhelmed” in their daily lives. [...]

Parenting a Child with Autism2019-05-15T14:06:13-06:00
17 05, 2019

Coping with Depression


Depression is experienced by a lot of people and is a common reason why people seek counseling. Depression is characterized by feelings of sadness and hopelessness, diminished interest in activities one use to find pleasurable, significant weight loss or weight gain or decrease or increase in appetite, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, insomnia or hypersomnia, feelings of [...]

Coping with Depression2019-05-17T08:17:28-06:00
29 04, 2019

Autism and Child Abuse Awareness Month


Each April is Awareness month for two big issues: Autism and Child Abuse. As a provider who has encountered both of these big issues in practice, I have seen how life-impacting they are for both clients and for their families. Here’s a few things you might not have known about them, and some useful information [...]

Autism and Child Abuse Awareness Month2019-04-29T11:54:25-06:00
15 04, 2019

What is Child Abuse Prevention & Awareness


April is Child Abuse Awareness month. What does it mean to be aware of child abuse? How do we recognize the signs of a child being abused? How can we break the cycle in our families? What does open communication look like with our children? According to the American Society for the Positive Care of [...]

What is Child Abuse Prevention & Awareness2019-04-15T12:34:16-06:00
25 03, 2019

Intuitive Eating as Self-Care


  “There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.” –Friedrich Nietzsche  As a body psychotherapist, I encourage clients to honor their mind and body where they currently are, in their journey to healing; however, if a client is engaged in an ongoing struggle with an eating disorder, they are not able [...]

Intuitive Eating as Self-Care2019-03-20T14:47:06-06:00
18 02, 2019

Tips for Healthy Communication Styles


Communication is an essential part of making any relationship work. Whether this is with a partner, family, friends, or co-workers, healthy communication can promote successful relationships. Here are some tips to have healthy communication with your partner. Find the right timing. Try to choose a time where there are limited distractions. Avoid times when someone [...]

Tips for Healthy Communication Styles2019-02-18T20:31:13-06:00
22 01, 2019

Continuing Support for Veterans and Active Military Members


Veterans and Active Duty: Many active duty military members and Veterans show signs of a mental health condition.  There are some very important questions that military personnel often ask: what are the treatment options other than the VA, are there resources for family members and how to make the transition from military life to civilian [...]

Continuing Support for Veterans and Active Military Members2019-01-22T13:55:41-06:00
27 12, 2018

Living Mindfully: Incorporating Yoga and Mindfulness Daily 


  As a yoga teacher, the two of the most common response I hear when I tell people I teach yoga is “I can’t do yoga, I am not flexible” and  “I did yoga but I was bad at it”. The ability to practice yoga is not based on flexibility or measuring the value of your physical practice. Yoga [...]

Living Mindfully: Incorporating Yoga and Mindfulness Daily 2019-01-11T15:21:43-06:00
18 10, 2018

Six Things Parents Can Do at Home to Encourage Success at School


  Parents, we’re well into the school year now and many of you are finding that your kiddos are having a hard time. Maybe they are falling behind with their school work, or maybe they are coming home upset because they are not making friends. Some of you are getting calls or emails from teachers [...]

Six Things Parents Can Do at Home to Encourage Success at School2019-01-11T15:21:13-06:00
29 09, 2018

10 Tips to Help You Relieve Stress and Anxiety


Relieving stress and anxiety is a two-fold process. It not only requires physical intervention, such as, but not limited to decreasing exposure to stressful situations and developing adequate sleeping, exercise and eating habits, but also taking a conscientious approach to changing cognitive processes (our thinking). In many instances, our thinking patterns, attitudes and perceptions may [...]

10 Tips to Help You Relieve Stress and Anxiety2019-01-11T15:21:02-06:00