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Our Core Values

– Client-Centered
– Strive for Excellence
– Professional
– Team Player
– Kindness

Meet Our Counselors

Our Counselors offer virtual sessions with licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited Psychologists (Ph.D./PsyD), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT), and Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW).


Victoria Pena


Victoria Palafox


Valerie Kozlovsky



Brianne Lutterman


Velma Perez



Derek Elder


Patricia Barrientes


56838_1662375625 (1)

Genevieve Martinez



Roger Olivarri



Charlene Mesa



Anastasia Gonzalez

LPC, LCDC-Intern


Michael Fanning



Beatriz A. DuMars



John Perez



Olga Roman Roberts


Davorian “Trey” Marion




Arsahy Alvizo


Leonid Royzman


Sara Blevins-Ranes



Melissa Allen


Our Support Team


Belia Torres

Operations Manager


Lyndsay Lopez

Finance Manager

Veronica Valdez

Practice  Manager

Netty Dominguez

Credentialing Specialist


Daniela Gomez

Compliance and Auditing


Crystal Torres

Office Manager

Alfonso Alcala

Office Manager

Rosita Ramirez

Office Manager

Christi Walker

LPC-S – Clinical Director

What Our Team Is Saying

A typical day at work starts and ends on your preferred schedule. I have learned what works for me and the management team makes things effortless. Great workplace culture in our 24/7 online support chats. Hardest part of the job like any other job is ensuring completion of tasks by deadlines, but overall no major stressors. The most enjoyable part of the job is the work from home benefits and schedule flexibility.

Great teamwork and collaboration.LPC Current Employee - Austin, TX

I am greatly enjoying my time with VCounselors! I began almost exactly a year ago, and have been able to advance to a Team Lead position. The culture is very high morale! We’re extremely engaged with each other; to the point where I’ve felt more support, being fully virtual, than I have in-person jobs. I’ve really appreciated the constant praise we receive; management is not afraid to show love and gratitude to the clinicians! I began full time & they had my schedule full my very first week. The demand for accessible mental health care is ever-growing. I feel so blessed to be able to provide accessible care, through this amazing organization. Flexible. High morale. Great patients. Amazing administrative support (I mean phenomenal). I feel no stress working here.

I love it! Very purposeful work.LPC Current Employee - Remote

Over the past year of working with the company, the of one things that stands out the most is the amount of communication and support received from all employees. They are open and flexible about your schedule (as long as they are given proper notice) and help you secure a large desirable case load. The staff are great with providing a supportive atmosphere, even though we all work from home, I still feel like I have my team surrounding me daily with encouragement and knowledge. Office managers are great with questions and are quick to help any problems or contact clients when necessary.

Amazing SupportTherapist Current Employee - Online

With VCounselors, Clinicians focus on the clinical role providing therapy. There is ample time for documentation, and overall I feel less stressed. I like that there is a team of professionals to consults with challenging cases. I like having flexibility in my schedule.

Flexibility, Compensation, SupportLPC Current Employee - San Antonio, TX

I have only worked for this company for a short time. In that time I have received so much support and encouragement by all areas of the comany. I can guarantee that there will be multiple people throughout my day checking in on me to see how things are going and if I need anything. I can't say enough good about my teammates.

This is by far the most supportive atmosphere in which I have worked.Contract Therapist

I love the flexibility of this job. It’s great to have sessions on my own schedule and on my own terms. I also have great support from the office manager and my fellow colleagues.

Great place! Lots of flexibility.LPC- San Antonio, TX

Because of the the autonomy and flexibility of my schedule as well as the support of an awesome administrative staff, VCounselors has helped me find the balance between my work life and personal life. Great environment, great communication, and great pay.

Work/Life BalanceTherapist Current Employee - Texas

VCounselors is a great place to work. I love the flexibility of making my own schedule. Also, having a great team available makes it easy to connect with others even though working virtually.

Set own Schedule and Team EngagementTeam Lead - Virtual - San Antonio

VCounselors is a great place to work because I can see my clients from wherever. Compensation is pretty good too. The system is user friendly, and the office staff is very supportive.

FlexibilityLPC Current Employee - Online


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