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Synopsis Written By: Christina Landeros, LCSW-S, C-DBT,

EMDRIA Trained, Virtual Therapist

Prevalence, Statistics, and Emotional Toll:

  • 11 – 22% of all pregnancies are lost before the 20th week
    Stillbirth affects 1 in 160 births, and in the US, around 24,000 babies are stillborn each year (CDC, November 2020)
  • Spontaneous pregnancy loss can lead to physical and emotional pain
  • The process of grieving and mourning such a traumatic loss, felt differently by partners, friends, and family members, may lead to intrusive thoughts, isolation, and depression.

How EMDR Helps with Healing and Self-Compassion:

  • Resource Development (Phase 2): Container exercises, dialectics, somatic experiencing, parts work, and other evidence-based mental health skills can help clients self-regulate in-between sessions.
  • Reprocessing and Desensitization (Phase 4): Identifying common triggers and traumatic memories as targets for reprocessing (i.e., feelings of grief, loss, self-blame, shame, helplessness, fear, betrayal, lack of control, survivor’s guilt).
  • Reprocessing and desensitization can include addressing thoughts and feelings such as: “My body has failed me,” “I cannot be a mother,” “I am helpless,” and “I and my body betrayed my baby and my partner.”
  • Installation of Positive Cognitions (Phase 5), such as: “I can honor them in life,” “I did the best I could,” “She/He is a part of my life and our family’s life,” and “I am capable.”
  • Body Scans (Phase 6): Decreasing discomfort or pain and strengthening positive feelings (i.e., targeting lower body pain, discomfort, or numbness after stillbirth or miscarriage).
  • Future Templates (Phase 7): Treating anxiety related to trying again, medical
    appointments and future ultrasounds, feelings related to parenting living children and returning to work stress.

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