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by: Jason Andrew, MA, LPC-S

Relationship problems are inevitable! I wrote a book to help people determine a healthier reason to get married. Secondly, if a relationship ends in divorce, will you be prepared for how complicated that could be? A few questions to help evaluate the reason you want to get married are: How do you define marriage? Is there a stigma about marriage? What are fake relationships? What is the reason people get together?

Divorce can be complicated. Common reactions to divorcing are: Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide and even thoughts of homicide could happen. Also, there can be an increase in drama after divorce from both parties.

Here are some topics to evaluate how to have a healthy relationship: Sexual identity, Children, Finances, Religion, Honesty, Trust your intuition, Believe in yourself, Learn how to support yourself, and Don’t loose yourself in a relationship. Some ideas that can help us evaluate ourselves are as follows:

Counseling, Astrology, Religious beliefs, Writing thoughts and feelings down, Learn healthy boundaries, Learn your love language, It is okay to end unhealthy relationships, Don’t forget the past. In my book, Relationship Sanity, I share a list of 31 possible coping skills, poems that I wrote about relationships, personal journal entries from my separation and divorce and dating again, and lastly I share personal counseling stories to show a personal touch to the book.

Can there be hope? A few thoughts to help would be: You Only Live Once, Be mindful of your choices and when making decisions does it involve others influence or can you make the decision yourself.

Lastly it is important to ask yourself, What do you need to evaluate in your life? It is important to make a list of aspects of a current relationship that need to change to ensure a healthy relationship. It is also important to make a list of aspects of past relationships that were unhealthy so you can ensure you have a healthier relationship in the future.

My book can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and on eBook.