18 10, 2018

Six Things Parents Can Do at Home to Encourage Success at School


  Parents, we’re well into the school year now and many of you are finding that your kiddos are having a hard time. Maybe they are falling behind with their school work, or maybe they are coming home upset because they are not making friends. Some of you are getting calls or emails from teachers [...]

Six Things Parents Can Do at Home to Encourage Success at School2019-01-11T15:21:13-06:00
29 09, 2018

10 Tips to Help You Relieve Stress and Anxiety


Relieving stress and anxiety is a two-fold process. It not only requires physical intervention, such as, but not limited to decreasing exposure to stressful situations and developing adequate sleeping, exercise and eating habits, but also taking a conscientious approach to changing cognitive processes (our thinking). In many instances, our thinking patterns, attitudes and perceptions may [...]

10 Tips to Help You Relieve Stress and Anxiety2019-01-11T15:21:02-06:00
5 09, 2018

How do Choice Theory & Reality Therapy Work?


It’s a fact that people are healthier when involved in positive relationships. That said, the psychotherapeutic methods of choice theory and reality therapy teach that personal choices and behaviors influence our ability to connect with others and build meaningful relationships. Negative behaviors lead to damaged and even broken relationships. Bad choices include destructive behaviors like [...]

How do Choice Theory & Reality Therapy Work?2019-01-11T15:20:56-06:00
2 08, 2018

Child Therapy: Play Therapy


My children and grandchildren have taught me, and continue to teach everyday about play.  Appreciating the simple things, and all things which are fun. Its all a matter of seeing the world through their eyes. Angela Schwindt wrote “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is [...]

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24 07, 2018

Prevalence of Mental Health Issues in Refugees and Asylum Seekers


In the last few years, there has been an influx of refugees and asylum seekers from war torn countries. Countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya. In addition, many women and children from South America are fleeing violence by gangs and drugs. Many refugees leave their countries have witnessed or experienced the death of loved [...]

Prevalence of Mental Health Issues in Refugees and Asylum Seekers2018-08-05T10:57:12-06:00
20 07, 2018

Los cambios siempre representan retos | Changes always represent challenges


"Los cambios siempre representan retos. Uno de los mayores retos que nuestra sociedad hispana esta pasando es el de imigrar hacia otro pais por la necesidad de buscar un mejor futuro, tanto para ellos como para su familia. Un cambio de esta magnitud no es simplemente fisica, es tambien mental y emocional. Dejas tus costumbres, [...]

Los cambios siempre representan retos | Changes always represent challenges2018-08-05T10:48:24-06:00
10 07, 2018

National Minority Mental Health Awareness 2018


Summer is in full swing, and with Independence Day already celebrated we turn our gaze to the rest of July.  Ten years ago, National Minority Health Awareness Month was designated to shed light on the challenges faced by underrepresented groups in the United States. To support the efforts of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) [...]

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8 05, 2018

Fight the Stigma Against: Depression 


Fight the Stigma Against: Depression  Coping with Depression in a Busy World  Many people find it difficult to discriminate between intense feelings of sadness and life limiting depression.  What are the characteristics that separate our every-day sadness from a clinical diagnosis of Major Depression? The difference has everything to do with functioning.    Imagine you are an individual who [...]

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8 05, 2018

ADHD or Behavior Management?


How do I know if my child has ADHD or if he simply has behavior management problems?   Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a developmental disorder characterized by a persistent pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity/impulsivity that is more frequent and severe than typically observed.   ADHD is a diagnosed by the age of seven in approximately 5% of school aged children. The disorder [...]

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15 09, 2015

Personality Inventory (Extroversion/Introversion)


The Personality Inventory measures two pervasive, independent dimensions of personality, Extraversion-Introversion and Neuroticism-Stability, which account for most of the variance in the personality domain. Each form contains 57 “Yes-No” items with no repetition of items. The inclusion of a falsification scale provides for the detection of response distortion. The traits measured are Extraversion-Introversion and Neuroticism. [...]

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