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By Brianne Lutterman MA, LPC

Prior to Covid-19, the vast majority of my clients did not utilize online counseling. The majority did not know it was an option. As soon as Covid-19 hit, the world was turned upside down, and counselors, along with the rest of the world, had to adjust. Online counseling became the go-to method for providing services in order to limit contact. Over two years later, we are still utilizing online counseling extensively because of the benefits it provides to our clients. Although in-person appointments are still preferred by some and available, online counseling has become many people’s favorite way of meeting their counseling needs. Below is a list of benefits my clients mentioned about online counseling.


This has been the number one reason why many of my clients use online counseling. You can join a session from your iPad, cell phone, tablet, or computer. You can join your session on your lunch break from work, or wherever you are at. I have had some children utilize an empty room at school in order to save parents from having to pick them up and miss half a day of school. Some of my clients live in remote areas or are traveling to a different city and online counseling ensures that they can still participate in counseling no matter where they are at. Some clients may have physical limitations or severe social phobias that limit their options to coming for a session in person. Online counseling helps ensure that these people receive the help they need.


Many clients of mine feel more comfortable sharing more during their sessions when they are in the comfort of their own homes. Online counseling enables this to happen. As mentioned previously, some clients may not feel comfortable traveling or being in new locations, so online counseling provides an option for them. Some clients may be immunocompromised and cannot risk venturing out into public during Covid.

Ease of Use:

Through our Therapy Portal, clients are able to see their counselor’s available times and request times that work for them. Clients are able to see when their scheduled appointments are, request new appointments, cancel existing appointment times that don’t work, or make changes to existing appointments. All paperwork can be filled out prior to appointments, so there is no filling out paperwork in the office on the day of the appointment. Many clients like the fact that all of this can be done online at any time of day, with no need to wait to contact the office during business hours. Appointments are easy to join online with just a click of a button.