Parent Facilitation Services in San Antonio, Texas

Sometimes the burden of conflict between the parents can deeply affect the children. Many problems within a marriage or relationship might raise and cause emotional and mental distress in the mind of the most vulnerable. Sometimes parents need counseling and guidance raising the children in a manner that will help them grow and use their full potential. There are many options available for parents when conflict arises, and among those options is parenting facilitation. Explanation: Legal Parenting Facilitation

What is Parenting Facilitation?

Research has shown that when the environment before a divorce is tense and parental conflict exist on a regular basis children have the most maladjustment issues after the consummation of the divorce. This can lead to prolonged mental health distress. When we provide parenting facilitation services (also known as case management and even sometimes parenting conflict resolution) we aim at providing both parents with the adequate tools to deal with conflict in the most appropriate manner and greatly reduce the negative effects of a divorce or separation on children. Fear, distress, and other symptoms in children are greatly diminished when parents resolve their conflicts and when they use compromise and negotiation methods rather than verbal attacks. Marital conflict might be part of the natural course of a relationship but it does not have to affect the children involved. Under the right parenting facilitation, the well-being of the child is the number one priority.

Some of the benefits of Parenting Facilitation are:

  • Increased self-awareness and self-control in high-stress situations.
  • Understanding of marital priorities and increased empathy
  • Might reduce excessive litigation and sometimes even prevent marriage dissolution
  • Can be use as a mediation tool in legal cases that merit it
  • It facilitates channels of communication and support that ultimately benefit the children involved

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