Motherhood: How to keep calm during a Pandemic

Molly McCann

Jun 10, 2020

Do you feel like you have to keep it together to keep the family from falling apart? Does it feel as if one little crack might make the whole house fall down?

How many of you compare how you are coping during the Pandemic to the other mom’s on social media? Just remember it’s ok to not be ok.

mom with daughter

So how do you manage your own stress while managing a household?

Find some time for yourself. That may look different for everyone; maybe it’s waking up before everyone in the house for one undisturbed cup of coffee, or perhaps you squeeze in an episode of that show you’ve been trying to binge watch for a month now. One thing is for sure, allow yourself some grace and be ok with not having everything together. There are no scripts or guidelines for how to cope during a Pandemic. So, what if the kids have pizza three nights in a row? They will remember all of the time spent together and that mom let some of those rules go!

What about you working moms now forced to work from home and homeschool your kids?

Maybe you developed some helpful coping skills that involved shutting your office door, listening to music, and taking some time to yourself. Now that you work at home, some of those coping skills have been taken away. Why not include your children while coping with work stress? Go outside and play some music while the kids play. Take a walk around the neighborhood for some fresh air. Dance it out with the kids! Show them how mom copes with anxiety and that’s it’s normal to feel scared and overwhelmed.

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world and when you throw a Pandemic in the mix it might feel downright impossible. Make sure you are talking to other moms for support; trust me you are not alone. Those moms on social media don’t always share the whole story. In fact, I can guarantee you they have three days’ worth of laundry sitting in the laundry room.

You got this Mama! One day at a time…


Molly McCann has ten years of counseling experience and has worked with various clients seeking help for anxiety, depression, trauma, and anger management. She uses a brief therapy approach to counseling and helps the client where they are in the present. She works with various clients from children, teens, adults, families, and couples.

Written by:

Molly McCann


Jun 10, 2020


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