Lizette Velazquez

I love my chosen career path as a licensed counselor. I love seeing the spark in people’s eyes when they finally get it, or meeting with a parent who tells me how great their child is doing and how the child now wants to grow up to help others and become a counselor too. Being in the Counseling field for over 16 years I have had the privilege to help people grow through utilizing counseling techniques but also providing empowerment and instilling hope .Some of my accomplishments in my professional career include working as a clinical director, having supervised a team of interns and assisted with their professional journey as well as engaging with local agencies to meet additional needs of my clients.  I have worked for the profit and non-profit sectors, have learned a lot from my fellow colleagues and overall continue to grow as a professional counselor in order to meet the needs of my clients. I have experience and expertise when it comes to working with children, adolescents and teenagers but also have similar knowledge when it comes to working with adults. Life is constantly changing and when you are seeking out therapy it is your first step to begin to make positive changes to your life. And when you are ready, I’ll be there for you.  

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