Jirzia Blackman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 14 years of experience. Jirzia obtained her Masters of Social Work at New York University Silver School of Social Work and Bachelor of Art in Sociology from Brooklyn College.
Jirzia is dedicated to serving diverse populations using a holistic approach specifically tailored to her clients’ needs.  She has experience working with children/adolescents, couples, groups, and families; in a wide range of settings. From non-profits; working with children and families who were at-risk of placement providing individual, play and family therapy- to hospital settings, with adults living with HIV/AIDS, providing them with support and resources and running a Spanish Speaking support group.  She specializes with survivors of abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault, providing truama focused therapy, with proven results. She has also worked with individuals diagnosed with chronic mental illnesses as well as individuals with depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD (adults and children), and other diagnoses; aiding in their journeys to mental wellness.  As a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, she uses a range of modalities to meet her clients where they are, while supporting them as an agent of change.
Jirzia believes that everyone is capable of change once provided the tools, support and a safe space.  Her success stems from her spiritual foundation, her personal life story of resiliency and overcoming milestones, what she calls “beauty from ashes”.  Her motto is: Working Together Making Lives Whole, One Step at a Time.