Ronald B Farnsworth, PhD

Ronald Farnsworth

I believe that many of the difficulties we face in our emotional lives are the result of faulty and ineffective ways of communicating in our most important relationships. I will work with you to discover better ways to find success in your interpersonal and private life using a variety of therapeutic, stress-management, and pharmacological strategies. I prefer to use a client-focused relationship-based approach to therapy, but am well-versed in stress-management techniques, and cognitive-behavioral therapies for depression and PTSD.

I've worked in many settings with many client types. I've specialized working with adolescents/young adults, helping them to launch, and with military/veteran groups. I've also pursued interests in couples therapy and finding ways to improve relationships. I've also worked with issues of substance abuse, chronic mental illness and personality disorders.
I also have training in psychological evaluation and can provide standard psychological evaluations for a variety of issues. I am also a trained member of the CT Association for the Treatment of Sex Offenders (CATSO) and can provide forensic psychosexual evaluations and/or relapse prevention treatment for adolescents and adults.



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