Season (noun)an indefinite or unspecified period of time; a while; a proper or suitable time.   

All humankind will experience seasons of unpleasantness or uncertainty throughout their lifetime. Some seasons last longer than others and may cause us to feel stuck or inadequate, and it becomes necessary for us to seek help finding our way out of that season and preparing for new experiences and dreams. 

My desire to help people has led me to pursue counseling within a confidential private practice setting. As a former school counselor, I had the privilege to work with children, adolescents, parents, and their extended community to support them during challenging transitions. Walking alongside them during difficult seasons and seeing them overcome obstacles is extremely rewarding. I would love to help you face your trials and achieve the quality of life you desire.  Si desea salir adelante y enfrentar sus retos, me gustaría ser parte de su éxito. 


Education & Work Experience: 

  • Licensed Professional Counselor 
  • Master of Arts – Guidance and Counseling 
  • Bachelor of Arts – Multinational Organization Studies 
  • School Counselor 
  • Classroom Teacher 
  • Parent Educator 

Areas of Psychotherapy/Psychoeducation: 

  • Children (10+) 
  • Adolescents 
  • Parenting Education 
  • College/Career Guidance 
  • Bullying 
  • Coping skills 
  • Depression/Anxiety 
  • Family conflict/relationship problems 
  • Grief (death or divorce) 
  • Relational Aggression (mean girl syndrome) 
  • Self-esteem Issues 
  • Goal-Setting 
  • Women’s issues 
  • Spiritual/faith-based counseling (upon client request) 
  • Solution-focused brief counseling 

If you are wanting to manage self-defeating patterns of behavior, I am here to help you find clarity and the confidence to move toward your new season and into the life you want to live.