When we think about the term “health” many of us associate that term with the idea of being physically active and healthy eating. During Men’s Health Month I would like to take this opportunity to talk about the effects of mental health on the body, and how participating in physical activities can help maintain your health and well-being. 

The body remembers, when we think about stress and trauma, we often find that we carry our troubles and our issues within our mind. We often overlook that our bodies hold our stress, and neglect to see that when our bodies ache it is because our body is communicating with us that there is something that it needing to be resolved. Our body is a pillar that holds our mind intact and when we experience feelings of sadness, frustration or even anxiety our bodies holds these emotions and communicates it to us through discomfort and ache. Therefore, when we do not pay attention and do not take care of our physical state we can break down and often fail to understand as to why this is happening. By implementing healthy nourishment and fitness into your daily routine, you may begin to notice physical symptoms that you experience begin to reduce. 

After experiencing a significant event that has affected our healthy way of living in an unhealthy manner, it is possible that the mind relives and thinks about that event more often than we would like. It is when we become physically active and get our bodies moving that our mind begins to slow down and decrease the negative thoughts that affect our lives. The ability to stay active and keep our bodies moving has shown to minimize feelings of anxiety, decrease blood pressure, assist in preventing diabetes and promotes sleep regulation. By utilizing physical activity outdoors, or via an indoor gym the body can release the stressors that it has been holding and can be cathartic as well as therapeutic. Living a healthy lifestyle with physical activity and healthy nourishment can also increase self-esteem, self-worth and confidence.  


 About the Author: 

Oscar believes in the importance of building a relationship that consists of trust, kindness so that the journey to the healing process can begin. Oscar helps clients who struggle with issues by building a healthy relationship and demonstrating that they are not alone through their struggles and difficulties that they are experiencing.

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