The struggles that we deal with on a daily basis can be a heavy enough burden to carry, and when we compound these with life transitions, or any other past trauma, it can be completely overwhelming. Stressors at home with family or loved ones, difficulties at school, bullying, truancy, challenges at work, relationship struggles or life transitions, it can all be difficult to navigate. If we go on too long without working through these issues, they can escalate into worse issues. Sometimes we may benefit from seeking help professionally.

I’m here to help. I have a passion for motivating others, personal empowerment, and community improvement. My experiences have afforded me the opportunity to work with many different types of people with many different issues. From bullying and self-harm with youth and adults, past traumas, to relationship discord, grief and loss with adults and children, I will strive to provide a space comfortable enough for us to talk, for myself to listen and learn, and for you to strive forward.


  • Masters of Arts-Counseling with a Community Focus
  • Bachelor of Arts-Psychology
  • Minor in Religious Studies
  • Licensed Professional Counselor

Work Experience:

  • Sigma Mental Health Urgent Care
  • BCFS-Services to At Risk Youth Program
  • Family Services Association / Slaud Y Vida Program
  • University of Texas Health Science Center- San Antonio