Many people in the San Antonio area experience life-altering challenges like relationship issues, depression, anxiety, stress, and substance abuse & addiction. Left unaddressed, those problems will resurface later while permanently damaging relationships, affecting school and job performance, and may eventually lead to an inability to carry out even routine daily activities. Unquestionably, when we make poor choices and practice negative behaviors we begin to lose control over our lives and suffer broken relationships, pain and unhappiness. If you or someone you love is currently struggling with one or more of these personal roadblocks, the good news is that you are not alone, and that help is available that can restore your happiness. 

Adam Rahman uses a psychotherapy approach focused upon improving attitudes by first learning to change a patient’s unhealthy behaviors. This is accomplished by using reality therapy, CBT and adlerian techniques that combine problem-solving with making better life choices in order to attain clearly established goals. Adam encourages his clients and their families to positively look towards the future instead of dwelling in the past. Reducing relational stress, developing better communication skills, and setting realistic objectives are all a part of Adam’s counseling process.  

The road to regaining control of your life and restoring your happiness begins with identifying the root causes of your challenges. Don’t let underlying feelings and fears rob you of your potential and energy any longer.