The Imperfect Balance

Anthony Washington, LPC

Jan 11, 2021

“We are not perfect beings.”

We hear this all too often, and sure, it makes sense to most.


We can recognize our own imperfections, and imperfections in others, and from a logical standpoint, this makes sense. But, we have emotions too, and emotions are far from perfect (or convenient). Sometimes these emotions act in contrast to the “logical”, and even though something has not worked out the way we wanted it to, and even though we know this is possible, we still feel it, and it doesn’t feel good. I often think about how this represents a sort of dichotomy, or contrast, but the beauty and genius in us as people is that we have to the ability find the balance between the two.

Sometimes it feels like our emotions are off, like there is just something wrong with the way we feel, that something “just isn’t right”. Perhaps we can even identify these emotions at times, such as depression, anxiety, or recovering from trauma. And other times we are not able to identify, and that is ok. And of course, there are times when we may be able to recognize that are thought processes are “off”, meaning we can recognize a foreign or uncomfortable thought for what it is, even though it does not seem connected with our emotions, and it leaves us feeling very confused, and sometimes scared.

In the truest sense, we are not perfect, far from it, AND THAT’S OK. The amount of pressure that we put on ourselves, the amount of pressure society puts on some of us, is overwhelming at times, and while personal accountability is and has always been important, it’s equally important for us to take a step back and look at this, to re-evaluate the standards that we hold ourselves to, and if necessary, to re-adjust. This can be especially difficult for those of us who demand perfection from ourselves, or for those of us that work in fields where comparison to others, or even past versions of ourselves, is necessary (and even encouraged). In these cases, it’s easy to lose ourselves in comparison, but so very important that we remember that there is and only ever will be one of us. There are over 7.5 billion people on this planet, and all of us are both similar and unique, diverse and yet related, each of us navigating life in our own way, but navigating it mutually, and in an imperfect way.

We are not perfect beings, but perhaps a step in the right direction is the true acknowledgment of our own imperfection. From here, we can use true self-compassion to explore, grow, and find balance within ourselves.

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Written by:

Anthony Washington, LPC

Jan 11, 2021


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